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Minimax ASB

Creamware Minimax ASB
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Hardware controller for the Creamware Minimax Moog Minimoog emulation software.


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...R70 Roland MKS80 Oberheim Matrix 1000 Creaware Pro 12 ASB DSI Evolver DSI Polyevolver Roland MKS 30 Roland MKS 70 Roland JD990 Roland SH-2 Yamaha Motif rack Yamaha TX81Z Waldorf MWXT Creamware Minimax ASB Sequential Pro One Alesis A6 Moog Minitaur Moog Voyager RME DSI Tempest MFB Tanzbar Roland TR 606 Kawai K5000s Elektron Ocktatrack Yamaha TG33 Blacet 3 VCO Modular Casio CZ101 -s Roland TR707 -s Korg ESX-1 -s Radikal Technologies Spectralis 1 -s Kawai K1 -s Alesis HR-16 -s Alesis MMT-8 -s Korg...

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Active: Stufio Electronics Omega 8 Modal 002r Creamware Minimax ASB DSI Prophet 6 module Moog Minitaur Waldorf Microwave XT Waldorf Streichfett Mos-Labs Kobol III Expander Analogue Solutions Leipzig S Roland V-Synth XT Roland JD-990 Roland SH-2 Roland TR-8 Vermona DRM I I I mk ii Inactive: Akai MPC2500, Kawai K5000s, Motif Rack, TX81Z, Kawai K1, Zoom mr-3 Broken: Cheetah MS rack, Roland MKS-30 Gone: too many to list

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Behringer Poly D (Warp Drive)

I have owned a few Moogs in my time, and the excellent Creamware MINIMAX ASB + Behringer Model D desktop. (and a few software versions that I forget the names) For some unexplained reason I am more excited about this Poly D than any of the aforementioned ones. Perhaps the the placebo of getting a some...

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