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4038 (Stereo)

Coles Microphones 4038 (Stereo)
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The Coles 4038 Studio Ribbon Microphone is a British Broadcasting (BBC) design for broadcasting and recording applications. It is used where a clear smooth wide range frequency response, absence of transient distortion and relatively high sensitivity is essential.

The 4038 is a proven performer, and is in use around the world by broadcasting networks such as the BBC as well as top engineers and studios on hit recordings.

Frequency response of the 4038 is exceptionally flat from 30 to 20,000 Hz and throughout this range the shape of the bi-directional (figure of eight) polar response is maintained substantially constant both in the horizontal and vertical planes, giving a natural sonic quality with smooth frequency response.


  • Pressure gradient transducer ribbon microphone
  • Substantially flat frequency response from 30 to 15,000 c/s
  • Extremely low (non-linear) distortion
  • Exceptionally low hum pick-up
  • Bi-directional (figure of eight) polar curve shape accurately maintained in both horizontal and vertical planes
  • Excellent transient response
  • Natural clear balanced response to sound signal
  • Body shape to enhance acoustic performance
  • Clear natural high fidelity sound reproduction
  • Smooth sonic textured response
  • All microphones factory tested in free field conditions


Share your "Glyn Johns" drum recordings

sounds great. cymbals have always just sounded right to me with coles 4038s. nice work. cheers, jch

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...- Calrec 1061#2 T2 - AKG C414B-ULS - Calrec 1061#2 OH - Regensburg Dom - AMS 1073LB#2 - API 2500 Rooms - Coles 4038s - BAE312s - Urei 1176s Copper - Copperphone - API 2 Mono - NeumannCMV563 w/M8 - inline pad - V72a - 1176 Ride - Neumann KM184 - Trident 16 All running into a BURL Mothership into ProTools...

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Overheads, but also... back. If you don’t feel you can wait and save more, go with a pair of brand new Coles 4038s which should cost about $3k which you'll be able to sell for about $2200 if you don’t like em. If you don’t want to get a pair of new Coles, get a pair...

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