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Nord Lead A1R

Clavia Nord Lead A1R
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Analog Modeling Synthesizer Module Module, 4-part Multitimbral, with 24-note Polyphony, Multi-configurable Oscillator, 5-waveform LFO, 12/24dB Lowpass Filter, and 4 Arpeggiators


Comments/critique on my live/jamming setup plan for house/techno

...El Capistan combo with a more cabable tabletop polysynth with effects included. But, instead of a Virus I thought about the Nord Lead A1r. I've heard some lovely demos, looks very simple to use, has an FX section, is probably capable of more variance than the simple JU-06. Any thoughts about that?

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What's next for Moog Music?

...some experience here from the instruments I have owned or own now, such as; EMS VCS3, Roland SH-3A, Kurzweil PC3, Nord Lead a1r, DSI Prophet 12 module, Waldorf Blofeld, Waldorf streichfett, Roland FA-06, Roland DS, Korg Minilogue, Yamaha Montage, Roland System 8, Roland JD-XA, Roland Boutique modules (all), Moog Voyager EB, Moog Voyager OS....

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Buying back the gear you sold

Nord Lead A1 :synth:: I sold it 'cause I didn't like the keybed... I recently found and bought a Nord Lead A1R. Elektron Analog Keys: I sold it then after a year I bought an A4 mkI. I sold it too and after many years I bought an A4 mkII, that I'm currently selling gooof Eventide...

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