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Electro 5D

Clavia Electro 5D
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Yamaha Reface.. yes

... If I decided to buy them - which I haven't - I would save more than $1,000 over an Electro 5D. (I want a keyboard that splits if I'm going to pay over $2,000 for it.) I think that my other 15 keyboard synths and samplers should be able to handle...

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December 2016 New Gear Thread

...but it was a Rev 3 so I ended up buying a Voyetra 8. (Oh and I picked up a Nord Electro 5D for a main keybed as it has splits and really good organ sounds) And my Dominion 1 finally showed up so ya...sleep is a little scarce right now and I will be busy...

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Yamaha YC61 Stage Keyboard

Without wanting to derail the thread too much, VR-09 vs. Nord Electro 5D is discussed pretty thoroughly at (though the Roland has had an update since then, and has had some other capabilities added through a free third-party editor; and of course the Electro 5 has been replaced by the Electro 6 which...

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