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Chameleon Labs TS-1
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China Mic Trip Pictures and Thoughts

...sounding large diphragm mic.... i just wish someone would give it a try to see if it works with: mojave ma-100's chameleon labs ts-1's or lauten torches all these mics use tubes and appear to have a tapered bottom xlr connector. i feel that these capsules would provide a great option for a tube preamp sdc body. i look forward to...

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Capsule Swapping????? (warren - zen master - are you out there???)

Hi Tapehiss The M100 and the Ts-1 use the same 5840 tube. The difference is in the applicaton. The M100 is a cathode follower and the Ts-1 is a plate follower circuit. Both circuits sound good. I use plate followers in most of my mic builds. The M100 has the Jensen transformer in...

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Help me pick a mic for accordion my mic list for the session, any other suggestions are appreciated: CAD M179 pair JJ Audio Pitbull (87 style) Aston Origin Chameleon Labs TS-1 (all capsules) Baby Bottle Cascade M39 pair (SDC) Cascade Fathead pair (Lundahl) Cascade Vinjet (Lundahl) All kinds of dynamics Preamps - Sytek or Cranborne Audio Camden - also have CAPI, Chameleon Labs, etc.

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