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Casio MT-540
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Most OVERRATED Synthesizers?

It's mostly high end: Casio MT-540 Yamaha PSS-380 Yamaha PSR-150 Fujitone IIIB Bontempi HT-313 There's a thread we have about gear list. "What's in your analog collection" and another one "What's in your digital collection". I reckon it could be there. I was joking about the above list. :lol:

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August new gear thread..

Oi! Mate! Was that unit from Mickey Pearce? Or he had a Casio MT-540 can't remember. I think it's the later. Anyway welcome to the club. Nice synth. A bit smoother than 2X. That interface is just stellar. Presets (factory) are i think some sort of a joke. Perhaps some northern type of humour.

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What synth does Ross play on S4:EP7 of Friends?

The CT-460 has full sized keys, they also made the Casio MT-540 which had mini keys, and a Sound Module called the CSM-1. All have the same ROM set including a very very cool piano, perfect for house if you are looking for something a bit different than the M1 Piano

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