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CAD Audio M179
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The completely variable pattern selector and tone of this mic have no equal, a unique offering and beyond affordable! Travel the space-tone continuum with the touch of a dial.


Affordable LDC Microphone With Multiple Voicings

...that would touch the quality that mic. It mops the floor with the Cad 179. I've owned the M179 in the past. Didn't care for it a whole lot on hardly any source except toms.

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'Cheaper' compressors you like as much as expensive compressors. Hardware only.

I love compressor pedals. These should not be underestimated, especially if you need something cheap per channel. The Dynacomp, Boss CS-1 or Milk Box are my faves. They are very colorful and squashy. Some people obsess over Fairchilds for the EMI sound, but sometimes squash pedals can get the sound much closer than high end hardware....

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Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio

... UA M610 tube AT 4033 OH 1 ................. Manley DVC M 179 OH 2 ................. Manley DVC

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