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KBM 412

CAD Audio KBM 412
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Bass and Kick Drum Microphone


List your gear and show us your music!

...TSM 411's for the rack toms and bottom snare. SM57 for top snare Sennheiser E602 MK II for the kick inside mic CAD KBM 412 for an outside kick mic And I put up one room mic. Rode NT1A The vox were done with the same Rode NT1A Guitars were mic'd with an SM 57 and one of the...

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Please help choose default assignments for Pres and Mics

...3 - one may not be working) AKG C1000 S AKG Perception 120 Avantone CV-12 Avenson STO2 (2x) (presently on piano) CAD TSM 411 (3x) CAD KBM 412 Cascade Fatheads (2x) Lawson L47 Little Blondie (2 or 3x - one may not be working) MXL CR24 MXL CR24p MXL R144 Ribbon MXL V6 (2x) MXL V67 MXL M3 B (2x) Naiant X-Q Small Omni Condenser (2x) Octava MK 012 (2x) Shure 55S Shure...

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Which Studio Mic for Vid Prodution Boom

...ill physically ill fitted, but any ideas appreciated. AKG C1000 AKG D1000 E AKG D8000 S AKG Perception 120 Audio Technica MB4000C Audix 5 Avantone CV-12 Avenson STO-2 CAD KBM 412 CAD TSM 411 Cascade Fathead JoeMeek JM47 Little Blondie MXL Cr 24 MXL M3 MXL R144 MXL V6 MXL V67 Naiant X-Q Omni Octava mk012 Shure 555 Shure Beta 52A Shure Beta 91A Shure SM57 Shure SM58 Shure SM7B Shure V64A Studio Projects C1

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