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CAD Audio E100S
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Engineered and built in the USA, the new E100S large diaphragm supercardioid condenser has the lowest noise floor in its class (3.7 dBA) and the smooth, vintage tone and robust low end CAD is known for. The bootstrapped, full differential Quadra-FET™ front end delivers high sensitivity and low distortion, plus CAD’s proprietary circuitry ensures the highest performance.

  • The nickel plated 1 inch capsule delivers accurate phasing on instruments, and a full rich vocal tone, accentuated by the extended low frequency response.
  • Features include an 80Hz hi-pass filter and a 10dB pad.
  • From vocals to percussion, acoustic instruments and everything in between, the CAD Equitek E100S will prove to be one of the most versatile tools in your microphone locker, in the studio or on stage.
  • Vintage wood grain cherry case and stealth shock mount included.
  • 48V Phantom power is required.


CAD E100S, my god, what a microphone! Unbelievable

Some gear slut HERE and ALL the folks on said this CAD E100s was just incredible. Finally got one, after much testing, i just ordered ANOTHER ONE. Ive got a small pile of mics, 22 as I recall, tested many more. CAD E100S, you're the catz ass kfhkh my youtube video...

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I own a TLM103 and have been recording directly into interface but am not satisfied &

...panels and traps etc and it is THE single biggest, most noticeable upgrade my work space has ever had. The Equitek E100s mic (which, if it works for your voice is very worth a look for something richer/darker) that I thought was functional but nothing special suddenly sounded WOW on my voice and has...

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RM BIV Ribbon Microphones

...recorded) I did some talking and then some guitar strumming. I had 2 Mics up, the Ribbon mic and a newer CAD E100s just in case you are familiar with it since many in VO work seem to like them. I tried to match gain but otherwise the only treatment was I had the HPF set already...

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