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CAD Audio DH100
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Drummer isolation headphones


Wersi EX-20?

...board, but they use a different connector to accommodate the different arrangement of the boards. I think the DH10, DH11 and DH100 reverb boards can be installed in all models, although the required connectors on the AF20/AF21 board won't necessarily be present.

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Wersi EX-20?

That's not quite right Read here - Wersi Stage Performer MK1 SII I have bout EX20 and Stageperformer these are additive synthesizers with 32 overtones severals waveforms ( i have over 400 Waveforms on custom Cardridges ), the ex10 can not do that

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Mono vs stereo

...pair of RCA 'bass reflex' speakers i got for christmas 15 years ago. I've also been using my CAD Audio DH100 headphones ive had for a while for reference/mixing purposes as well. But i will say again... Nothing that plays back mono will sound as good in mono, if it was mixed for...

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