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Blue Microphones Kiwi
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Featuring Blue’s world renowned B6 capsule, the Kiwi delivers the detail of its sonic signature all at once with lots of top end (without being too in your face!), along with lots of mids and bottom end, without being too forward. Designed to set the standard for solid state microphones, the Kiwi yields lush vocals, stunning acoustic guitar and gorgeous piano sounds from nine different polar patterns (Omni, Cardioid, Figure of eight and everything in between). This is the Blue microphone.


Roland JX-8P Gets Jettisoned into the 21st Century

You can have double the fun. Get to know it before the kiwi then do it all over again after the upgradecooge

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

...Tried to give it back, she refused. Should have dated more women with keys laying around. Thinking about getting the KIWI upgrade before they're gone. Korg S3 - someone gave me this... probably going to put it on Reverb Since this is Gearslutz and GAS has already hit me, the acquisition list: Drum...

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Roxanne vocals - Mic used? Also a question about Stings vocals.

Sure, I have a BLUE Kiwi that I love and sound very good on. There was just something about the Bottle and those three vox caps (B0, B6 &B7) that I didn't get on with. I had the SDC cap for it and that was fantastic especially on acoustic guitar - but it was crazy...

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