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Baby Bottle

Blue Microphones Baby Bottle
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Condenser Microphone, Cardiod Polar Pattern, Pressure Gradient, Solid-state, Class A.


Blue Baby Bottle ?

...i mean kfhkh Microphone only for vocals ! Might be days for the viola/violin , Looking at the Blue Baby Bottle, I really like how it sounds on guys but I'm not a guy -obviously- Anybody who owns one? If there are better, please feel free to tell me ! This is going...

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So what's your favorite mic on these vocalists? Any surprises?

...unusable - but could work great for example on a guitar cab, it sound's like it has built in exciter Blue Baby Bottle - usable Blue Bluebird - unusable Blue Bottle - usable Bock 251 - unusable - it's too bright to me, I wouldn't like to have to mix it Bock iFet - usable Chandler REDD - great -...

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Roxanne vocals - Mic used? Also a question about Stings vocals.

Sure, I have a BLUE Kiwi that I love and sound very good on. There was just something about the Bottle and those three vox caps (B0, B6 &B7) that I didn't get on with. I had the SDC cap for it and that was fantastic especially on acoustic guitar - but it was crazy having...

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