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MC 740

Beyerdynamic MC 740
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The Beyerdynamic MC 740(N)C microphone is a studio masterpiece.

With it´s 5 switchable polar patterns the MC 740 (N) is one of the most versatile studio mics in its class. Its fantastic design and ability to capture the details of a sound with absolutely clarity make it a world-standard! The frequency response stays ruler-flat regardless of the directional pattern you select. Excelling on a wide variety of instruments (vocals, piano, strings, brass, percussion, woodwinds) and applications (broadcast, record production, film), the MC 740 is a great addition to any studio's mic arsenal.


Large diaphragm gold vapored double membrane condenser element
Elastic transducer system suspension
Five selectable polar patterns
Switchable 10 dB attenuator pad
Two position LF roll-off switch


if you had to replace a U67 for under $2,000...

I saw in an old thread that Bob Olhsson said the Beyerdynamic MC 740 is the closest thing he's heard to a U67. Interesting that it's a solid state mic. Any opinions on the MC 740? MC 840 is the current version of the mic btw...

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if you had to replace a U67 for under $2,000...

...years between each one. Maybe in five more years it will evolve into: "Bob Olhsson said the Beyerdynamic MC 740 is identical to a U67" and then five years after that it will be "better".

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Best and worst looking mics

I’m very fond of the aesthetics of the Coles 4038, Beyer M160 and MC740, Lauren Atlantis, EV 468 and RE20, Sennheiser 441, AEA R88... Not digging the looks of any Blue/Violet, Aston, Earthworks, or Rode mics...

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