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M 160

Beyerdynamic M 160
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Beyerdynamic is one of few microphone manufacturers world-wide that still produce ribbon microphones.

A classic one is the M 160, a dynamic double ribbon microphone. Featuring a hypercardioid polar pattern with a noise attenuation of 25 dB at 110°, the M 160 is an outstanding microphone which is very effective for all types of remote and in-studio voice reproduction. In the recording studio, the M 160 is recommended for miking string instruments such as violins, violas, cellos and for pianos, saxophones as well as for hi-hat and toms.

The non-glare black surface of the M 160 and its small dimensions allow the unobtrusive use in TV or film studios. In conjunction with the M 130 dynamic double ribbon microphone the M 160 is ideal for stereo recordings in MS technique.


Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio

...mics: bass/ Mark Bass 2x12": Sennheiser BF 541 -> Great River MP-500NV -> Distressor, opto mode guitar/ Fender Deluxe Reverb reissue: Beyer M 160 -> Great River MP-500NV -> Distressor, tape mode

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If you were hiring my studio, what would you want to see in the racks ?

I think you're looking at things slightly skewed. Bands (unless they're very technically minded and thus fall more into the 2nd category) shouldn't be concerned with gear. Really they should just be looking at 3 things. - the person (ie you) they're coming to work with - do they make good recordings, are they pleasant to...

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High end male vocal microphone with a tight vocal pattern.

You're going to have to EQ the crap out of it on your voice... but do not be afraid to do so because it can be a very useful vocal mike if you do. It is a weird and underrated thing, but it's also too delicate to take on tour. --scott

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