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Behringer Wasp Deluxe
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Remake of the Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Wasp analogue synthesizer of the seventies.

Dual OSC with 3 variable oscillator shapes, with pulse/ramp and enhanced mode, and seperate Noise generator. Analogue VCF with LPF, HPF, Band and Notch filter. LFO with 4 waveform shapes, frequency and pitch mod. Two analogue Envelope Generators, for modulation of VCF and VCA.

The synth can be poly chained for up to 16 voice polyphony. The main module can be transferred to a standard Eurorack case.
It has 29 controls on knobs and switches. There's an external audio input for processing other sound sources.
The USB/MIDI implementation allows for MIDI channel and Voice Priority selection.


Behringer VP 330 Vocoder clone

Hi Tricera, that's a fair point but frankly it doesn't really matter to us. Allow me to explain the motivation behind our synth journey: After 30 years of running a business, I decided to fulfill my lifelong dream - to build all the synths and drum machines I could never afford when I was a kid....

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Behringer Wasp Deluxe

Lookie lookie what I found in the TESS database: This seems to line up with the earlier leak of Behringer synths. If the leak is to believed here is the feature list: It looks like they're trademarking the logo from the original Wasp Deluxe:

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Behringer Pro 800 one more oscillator, pretend its polyphonic, bung in a June60 pedal and sell it for £750!" and they did... Wasp is incredibly basic and mostly digital and was pretty much a beginners toy, even when it came out in around 1976, AFAIK only the filter is actually analogue. Neither the Odyssey NOR the MS20 rip...

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