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Behringer V-Verb Pro REV2496
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Reverb Modeling Processor.


Behringer V-verb...

...I run ADAT port B IO, and I have it set as SPDIF. The problem is that I can't get the V-Verb to send anything back. No sound what so ever. Ideas?

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Gearslutz wants to know: what is your favourite product that Behringer makes? have received in your country, you are highlighting two good examples that explain some of the challenges around service. V-VERB. I am not sure when exactly you purchased the V-VERB as this product has been discontinued more than ten years ago. Either your case stems from this time or the dealer simply sold you...

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Is anyone still using hardware reverb units?

I sold my Lexicon PCM-81 and 91, Behringer V-Verb, Dynachord DRP-15 and SPX-90. I still have a Korg DRV-3000 and like it for a few weird things. If I could find a nice Lexicon 300L I would probably buy it. I do still use my old Fender Reverb Unit from the 1960s, a dead...

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