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2-way 265W Bi-amplified Studio Monitor with 8.75" Woofer, 1" Tweeter, and Room Compensation EQ


Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

...module Roland JV-1010 Yamaha FB-01 Kenton USB Pro-Solo MOTU Microlite JL Cooper Nexus Plus Lexicon MX200 Alesis Multimix Line 8 mixer EMU 1616PCIe audio interface Behringer 1604A mixer Behringer Truth 2031A monitors

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Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim OB6

My understanding is they used the VCA chip in the OB-6 and the voices are actually discrete. If that's the case, I really don't think that's going to have nearly as much of an impact on the sound as you imply. And how many different synths used the same voice and/or filter chips anyway and...

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Mixbus Processing analog/digital?

What improved the most for me was getting a decent sound card RME FF next thing that did it for me was a good mic pre BAE. But what makes the biggest difference hands down is the knowledge, youtube tutorials, trial and error. By far this has been the biggest catalyst. But for some reason monitors have...

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