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this synthesizer is not available yet

3 punchy-sounding voltage-controlled oscillators
Classic 24dB voltage-controlled filter with resonance (Emphasis)
Filter selectable for lowpass or highpass
Noise generator (selectable between White and Pink Noise)
Overdrive circuit
USB-MIDI plus 5-pin DIN In and Thru
CV connectivity
Glide (portamento)
External audio input
Low-output and high-output 1/4" outs


Behringer Model D

...least a couple of the other trim pots may be blue multi turn ones, depending on the age of your Boog. Any kind of pot can develop a dead spot, like a crackly volume pot on an old HiFi. In severe cases those spots can be open circuit because the surface of the track...

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups Dec. It's amazing how much has changed. Can't believe i can learn sound design for 200, get a Boog for 250, and things I paid nothing for are worth almost 4 figures. I've detailed my journey a bit in this thread. I thought I'd post the evolution of my humble studio here....

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What Roland Boutique Would YOU Want To See Next?

...that to happen. They haven't been so bad as to discontinue the SE-02, but Behringer pre-empted their release with the Model D by a few months, and even though the SE-02 is in many ways superior, keep in mind that when it was announced, it cost $499, and Behringer opened up pre-orders for the...

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