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The total-recall B-CONTROL BCF2000 USB/MIDI Controller combines the unlimited versatility of today’s audio software with the feel of real handson controls. With the BCF2000 you can move real 100 mm faders and turn real high-resolution encoders to control all of your computer-based virtual gear in Cubase®, Cakewalk®, Logic® Audio, Ableton® – and many other popular DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations). You can make group moves quickly and easily – and since these ultra-high precision faders are motorized, their movement can be recorded to open up entirely new levels of automation in your workflow. Want to control your synth, mixer, effects or signal processor with real controls? It’s amazingly simple to set up the BCF2000 to help you perform myriad tasks, all of which were never intended to be done with a mouse!

B-CONTROL BCF2000 has 8 ultra-precise, 100 mm motorized faders for ultra-easy control of your virtual mixers, organ-drawbars, synths and samplers, but it has so many more features that will make this little marvel your go-to USB/MIDI controller – for everything. Full MIDI In/Out/Thru capability is provided, along with 8 assignable rotary encoders (each with 15-LED collars and a push-to-set function) that let you select, adjust and control an endless array of functions. Assign a dedicated knob, fader or key to your most frequently used functions – and make edits without ever touching a mouse. Tweak “front panel” settings by simply turning a knob or sliding a fader. It’s like having the real knobs and faders for every control on the screen! Best of all, you'll discover things you can do with MIDI you never thought of before!


RME Fireface UFX

I've been using Totalmix as a surround monitor mixer with a Behringer BCF2000 (midi control over USB) for the last couple of years on the FF800. Now that I've got the UFX, I can also use the front panel volume control too, it simply controls a fader group in totalmix. I have it set...

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Hardware Only? of the sequencers mostly just for control/program changes and occasional notes) I also use a few BCR2000's and two BCF2000's to control things either when sequencing the piece or even just as I lay down a track/s directly sending data to modules/effects Everything is rackmounted aside from keyboard controllers, sequencers and knob boxes. I...

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So How are the Behringer Synths holding up

BCF2000 since 2008(?) - no issues.

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