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Sonic Maximizer 482i

BBE Sound Sonic Maximizer 482i
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The all-analog 482i Sonic Maximizer restores natural brilliance and clarity to an audio signal by the use of two integrated functions. First, it adjusts the phase relationships between the low, mid and high frequencies through adding progressively longer delay times to lower frequencies, creating a kind of mirror curve to neutralize the effect of loudspeaker phase distortion. Second, the Sonic Maximizer augments higher and lower frequencies as loudspeakers tend to be less efficient in their extreme treble and bass ranges. The end result is a dynamic, program-driven restoration which reveals more of the natural texture and detail in the sound without causing fatigue that is often associated with exciter effects, psychoacoustic processors or excessive use of equalizers.

Features include:

Dual-Mono Sonic Maximizer
Independent Lo Contour and Process controls
Unbalanced ¼” Inputs and Outputs
Unbalanced RCA Inputs and OutputsHard-wire bypass


BBE Sonic Maximizer

...everyone. I'm new here and don't want to start a new thread about this piece of gear. So I have the BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer. I've easily set it up on individual instruments. But I'm having a tough time figuring out how I can get it across an entire mix. Supposedly it's fairly easy on analog gear,...

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Waveshaping in Mastering

Hmmm.... so the Sonic Maxmizer is doing a form of waveshaping? I never thought of it in that way... I'll have to look into that some more... there was a movie I saw along time ago where a mastering engineer was using an analogue box to do a small amount of waveshaping in the chain Thanks

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Waveshaping in Mastering

...say what you want, but you definately dont know what you are talking about in this situation (on what the BBE 482i sounds like or can do to audio). In fact, judging by your jabs about the unusable cheap crappy gear, I'd say youre just another, "high-end, elitist, troll-snob". I do agree with you...

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