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BAE Audio B15
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  • B15 Features Standard 500 series modular size 1.5\" x 5.25\" 3-bands with 5 selectable frequencies per band +16 dB of boost and cut using continuous variable potentiometer
  • Push button shelving option for low and high frequencies All discrete design High headroom Low noise Jensen Transformer balanced input & output
  • Custom machined aluminium knobs
  • Elma Gold plated rotary switches and 15-way connector for longer life
  • Utilizes Avedis® 1122 Opamps


Who Uses Plugin Alliance?

...stay away from vi's how about some amps that no one models? Magnatone guitar amps; Ampeg amps that are not B15's or SVT's? They did make Portaflex amps other than B15's you know. And for the love of all that's guitar how about some decent Marshalls? What IK does in Amplitube sucks and heaven...

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

...kit is out of frame, and the bassist doesn't arrive for a couple of hours yet, with his P-Bass and B15 combo. Plus there's a Piano behind all that candle wax, and a Rev2 on a stand in the corner past my Grandmother, too. But here's my corner, looking cool from this angle:

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Is there an amp that will work for bass and guitar?i

These days we occasionally use a Dual Showman into an 8ohm 1x15 orange cab. Not bad at all. Otherwise Ampeg B15 or the usual "classic/best/..." bass amp (SVT, Mesa, Aguilar, Orange, Glockenklang, Eden, ...) The only other fender we use is the new Bassman Pro. Don't like old bassman amps for bass.

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