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Capture performances with great sound transparency from anywhere in your studio. Pro Tools | PRE is a high-performance, 8-channel microphone preamp designed for and integrated into Pro Tools | HD systems. With it, you can remotely control and record sessions easily from the control room and easily recall those setting later. Connect eight mics, instruments, or line inputs. Achieve incredible sonic clarity. Use it with Pro Tools | HD or standalone. It’s the ideal analog front end for any recording rig. And with its new lower price, getting great sound is even easier than ever.

Connect your gear to eight XLR inputs with high-performance, matched-transistor, hybrid mic preamp circuits and eight 1/4″ line/instrument inputs. You also have eight sends and returns to connect a hardware compressor, EQ, and other


Digidesign PRE

I'm after a clean (transparent) preamp for voice over, ADR and foley recording. Been looking at the Digidesign PRE Since these go used for $800 or so and I need at least 3 channels. I can also recall channel settings from within Pro Tools - sounds pretty good! Any experience? How does it compare...

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Classic vocal microphones: tube, solid state and ribbon

...different mics, which makes this shootout not scientific but very realistic. As microphone preamp and AD-converter we choose to use a Digidesign PRE into a Digidesign 192i/o. The Digidesign preamp does not have much color from itself and the 192 is a decent converter. In "real live" we would probably use different preamps (with a...

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Mic Preamp Comparison -Neve 1073,Amek 9098,Joe Meek VC2,Control 24, Digi Pre,TL Audio

By Digi Pre I mean Digidesign Pre, that was the name of the unit as far as I can remember. It's the unit in the photo below. Regards

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