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MBox Pro (Gen 3)

Avid MBox Pro (Gen 3)
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Mbox Pro is a professional-grade, high-performance audio interface that enables you to capture and create music and audio in the highest quality. The Pro Tools | Mbox Pro hardware/software bundle offers incredible value, giving you the best of both worlds—industry-standard Pro Tools | Software to compose, record, edit, and mix, and a desktop hardware interface that delivers best-in-class sound quality and performance. Get everything you need to create high-resolution music and sound for picture on your Mac or PC.


Audio Interface - Low Latency Performance Data Base

...listed. The earlier M-Audio were based on a Bridgco controller which was , hmmm, inconsistent at best. The Profires and the AVID Mbox Pro based on the same tech are significantly different beasts. On your experience, sure , but the issue(s) were due more to the controller on the earlier units, the drivers are significantly more...

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Is expensive gear still worth it?

As long as people want to keep making albums like Thriller, The Wall, Back in Black, Hysteria, Purple Rain, Slippery When Wet, Ten, Bat Out Of Hell......yes, you can't record albums like these in your basement with a 57 and an M-Box.

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Is a high-quality mic a waste of money without a great preamp?

One the best electric guitar sounds I've ever heard was a Royer 121 going straight into an M-Box 1 pre! My mind/ears was blown away! Obviously the magic was with the former and not the latter! From that point on I never underestimated what the right microphone could do, despite the preamps.

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