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Abbey - Cream

Avantone Pro Abbey - Cream
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3-way Active Studio Reference Monitor with 6.5" Woofer, 5.25" Midrange, Air Motion Transformer Tweeter, and 35Hz to 38kHz Frequency Response (each) - Cream


$4000. Monitors ?

...sc307, and the Eve give the KH a good run for the money... An other monitor to consider would be the Avantone Abbey, seems a great monitor, but not too many reviews out there. Now if your budget isn't an issue and you can splash the 4000$ without pain, than I'd go for a closed cabinet...

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Avantone Pro Abbey; who has heard them?

I just got a set of the Abbey's. Disclosure, the monitors I upgraded from are Yamaha HS8, And so the Avantone Abbey are the most expensive monitors I have owned, And the first three-way monitor I have owned. I have about 20 years experience in recording, and mixing. First impression, I think they are absolutely Fantastic. I started playing...

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any EVE AUDIO user out there ?

Always wanted Eve Audio but ended up with Avantone Abbey they dont have this hollowness very precise.The lowend its very tight it can give u a bit of fatigue actually.The whole sound massive attack and dynamics.The eve always felt a bit synthetic no such transparent sound as the abbeys

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