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Roominators Project 2

Auralex Acoustics Roominators Project 2
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24 Studiofoam Wedge Panels, Eight LENRD Bass Traps, and EZ Stick Pro Adhesive Tabs - Charcoal


I'm setting up my studio and I need some advice

...about 22 sq. meters and I want to set it up as good as I can. I bought the Auralex Roominators Project 2 kit which has 24x studio foam wedge panels (61 x 61 x 5cm) and 8x LENRD bass traps and I also have some older foam panels from a radio station I'm...

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Auralex Sales? analyzed by Auralex. I heard back from them the first week of February and apparently I need an Auralex Roominators Project 2. I did my research and it seems right, considering my room is pretty bad (and I'd like to record my drums in it). Anyway, the kit costs $750, which is ridiculously...

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How come everyone fussing about thickness?

...the heck!? Apparently Auralex sells a really awesome pack with 2 inch thick foam panels that can be found here? Auralex Roominators Project 2 | What am I missing here? Are you suppose to stack the foam on top of each other or something??? Side Note -- I found out that that would be a good...

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