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Audix Microphones i5
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Designed with a cardioid pickup pattern for isolation and feedback control, the i5 is equipped with a VLM™ diaphragm for natural, accurate sound reproduction. The i5 is used for stage, studio and broadcast applications and is able to handle SPLs in excess of 140 dB without distortion.

The i5 can be used to mic a wide variety of musical instruments, guitars and bass cabinets as well as vocals and speech. The i5 is sturdy, compact and easy to position. With a wide frequency response of 50 Hz - 16 kHz, the i5 provides clear sound reproduction without having to rely on EQ.

Designed, assembled and tested by Audix in the USA.


Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio

...I am happy enough with. Overheads : Sontronics STC-1 pair -> API A2D Snare Top : SM57 -> UA 4-710D Snare Bottom : Audix i5 -> UA 4-710D Kick : Heil Sound PR-48 -> UA 4-710D Rack & Floor Toms : Heil Sound PR-28 -> Edirol UA1000 FOK Mic : Superlux R109 Ribbon -> UA 4-710D My room is so small...

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Ultimate Keybed Thread(models and manufacturers listed)

...TP/30 EC320 (88): Fatar TP/30 i2 (76): Yamaha FS-E76 i3 (61): Yamaha FS-61 i30 (61): Yamaha FS-61 i4 (S) (61): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet i5S (61): Fatar TP/7BA iS35 (61): Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet iS40 (61): Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet iS50 (61): Fatar TP/7BA iX300 (61): Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet Karma (61): Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet Kontrol 49 (49): Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet Kronos (73/88): Korg RH3 M1 (61): Yamaha...

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Recommend a mic for guitar cabs

I have an Avedis MA5 and a Soundskulptor (500 series), I like the Avedis alot. I already have a ribbon (Bumblebee RM5) mic, its very warm and captures the low end perfectly. Yeah I have a Mesa OS cab and a Marshall 1960adm (Dave Mustaine signature), might use both, but the Mesa sounds better. I...

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