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Pro 63

Audio-Technica Pro 63
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Ideal for amplified and acoustic instrument pickup as well as for general use, the PRO 63 offers natural audio reproduction, low noise, and rugged, durable construction. Its cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of desired sound source.


Selecting Mic preamps for Drumrecording

...pair 2x Rode NT 1000 1x Rode NT 1 1x SE 2200a 1x SE 1a 2x md 441 u 1x md 421 hl 1x SM57 1x Audio-Technica PRO 63 1x RE 20 1x AKG D112 3x AKG d40 What pre's and mic's would u use for the OH's, Snare, Kick, Tom's, Hihat and Room, if you had to use this gear? (I run all the...

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So much arguing over 'clones' and 'shootouts'. how much magic dust in an old classic piece of gear?

...i guess I havent tried too many different mics out. I just been using E609, SM57, KBM 412, AT2020, PRO63 and i usually use MXL990 as a room mic. Pretty much I just use what I have or whats left over.

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