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Audio-Technica ATM650
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This versatile addition to the Artist Series features a new multi-stage flat grille design for precise positioning close to the sound source. Equipped with a neodymium magnet for high-output performance, the ATM650 has a frequency response tailored for clear sound reproduction of guitar cabinets, snare and percussion. A-T’s innovative dual-wall floating construction banishes handling noise.


LDCs for toms

The Audio Technica ATM650 is up there too, it's just not an LDC. Talk about cheap with a really nice, tight pattern and awesome tone!

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Good Mic to pair with Md 421

...which have great spec and can sometimes be found for about $100 used. AT also makes more midrangey dynamics, the ATM650 and AE6100 (both got a great TapeOp review). Absolutely agree that you should treat your room, even if that means spending under $200 on a mic. That's exactly what I think you should do.

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RE20 vs Lewitt 440

...heard stuff about these I like. I want to get a good all arounder, my only current mic is a ATM650, which is AT's mic similar to a sm57. These two mics fit in my budget. Used RE20 is like 320 shipped, which is way less than a sm7b and a cloud lifter. And...

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