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Audio-Technica ATM25
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Designed for the demands of highly dynamic instruments, it handles very high SPLs at close range with big, warm low-frequency reponse. It also delivers very full sound on close-up vocals and dialogue. This dynamic mic's hypercardioid pattern delivers a 30Hz-15kHz frequency response. Includes integral stand clamp and pouch.


  • Handles very high SPLs at close range
  • Big, warm low-frequency reponse
  • Delivers very full sound on cloe-up vocals and dialogue
  • Hypercardioid pattern
  • 30Hz-15kHz frequency response


Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio down so I'm editing them on a laptop that has no semblance of color/luminance accuracy... mics: kick out 4047 batter side atm25 snare sm7b OH (stereo) KSM141 OH (mono) Sage Bova Room Crowley&Tripp Naked Eye in the first couple, a pair of M179s on toms, by the end, pulled them and put one in fig 8 under the snare...

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8 Different dynamic mics as overheads

...EV 635a (2) taped to the floor Overheads: Beyer M201, Beyer M88, EV 635a, EV RE10, sE V7, Audio Technic ATM25, AKG D119es, Sennheiser 421 U5. The method: I used 3 large stand, with 2 stereo bars and a couple of brackets usually used for pop filters to make a cluster of mics pretty much in the...

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What's in YOUR mic locker???

My meager collection...  AEA R84  AKG C 480B/CK61-ULS  AKG C 414/B-ULS (2)  Audio Technica ATM25  Audio Technica AT4047MP (2)  Beyerdynamic M201TG  Blue Mouse  Blue Kiwi  Coles 4038 (2)  Flea 47 Next  Neumann UM57  Neumann U67 (Max mod)  Neumann U87 (Klaus Heyne mod)  Neumann TLM193  Royer R121  Royer SF12  Sennheiser MD421U5 (3)  Sennheiser MD409U3  Shure...

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