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Audio-Technica ATM230
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The ATM230 hypercardioid instrument microphone brings a compact drum model to Audio-Technica’s popular Artist Series line. The mic’s proprietary capsule is designed to excel in high SPL applications, delivering full, well-rounded audio with an exceptional low-end. The hypercardioid polar pattern keeps the focus on the sound source, directionality that is aided by the mic’s low-profile design, which allows it to be placed in a wide variety of setups. All this makes the ATM230 ideally suited for miking toms, snare and other percussion instruments.

The ATM230 features rugged metal construction that stands up to the rigors of live and studio applications, and comes with an AT8665 drum mount and a protective pouch.


Tom microphone choices

...gooseneck mini condenser, and everything I've heard from other Beyers and Shures of the same style has been great IMO. AT ATM230 has amazing reviews, and many swear by the CAD M179. All of these options are less costly than the mics you propose, and I don't think of them as worse in any...

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What do you use on drums and why

...In: Telefunken M82 Kick Out: Fathead II Sub: Solomon LoFrEQ Snare Top: Telefunken M80 Snare Shell: Shure SM7b Snare Bottom: Audix i5 Hat: Beyer M201 Toms: ATM230s or 421s Floor Tom: ATM230, 421 or D112 (which I love in this position) Front of Kit: AEA R84 Knee Mic: Beyer M81 (vintage) or EV 635a Rooms: pair of RM BIV ribbons, pair of Little Blondies,...

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iSK Pro Audio = Low End Heaven ?

How's the Vibrato? Is it a competitor for a Rode NT1A? Also, how do the TDM-1 mics compare to the usual tom mics, like the 604, ATM230, and D2? It's time to upgrade my tom mics.

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