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Audio-Technica AT3035
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Designed for critical home/project/professional studio applications and live performance, this 30 Series large-diaphragm side-address cardioid condenser delivers exceptional detail and low noise. With its extended low-frequency response, the AT3035 produces rich, full sound reproduction and handles extremely high sound pressure levels with ease. Tailored for a smooth, natural sound, this mic is a perfect complement for digital recording equipment. Along with its rugged construction and high-performance specifications, the AT3035 provides an exceptional level of consistency from model to model.


Post your Low End Mixes (Official - other threads will be removed!)

...the tracks. Pretty much no outboard rack gear to speak of. Main mics used on all material were AT3035, AT2020, MXL 4000, Shure SM57 and SM7B, EV kick mic on the kick (not sure of the exact model) Thanks - Matt

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Best Value Vocal Mic Opinions

...same answer. Don't go too cheap for condensers. If it really has to be cheap, skip MXLs, skip AT2020s. Try to find an AT3035 second hand (around $100) a better mic than a 2020. Or a AT4040 second hand (a very good mic..slightly bright for some but a solid tool for the price) AT2035 are supposed to be replacing...

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The Oktava Microphone Thread!

I first discovered this with my AT3035 and was wondering why it had a top that looked like you should sing into it. BTW if you want a stellar cheap mic, they are wonderful. I can’t believe the choice we have these days. I would have killed for a MXL condenser mic back...

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