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Audio Imperia Nucleus
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Nucleus is an orchestral software instrument made for Kontakt Player, that is both compact and versatile. An uncompromising symphonic essentials library designed to bring cinematic sound quality and an easy-to-use and complete creative toolset within anybody’s reach.


Orchestral libraries

I have Audio Imperia Nucleus for "general use". I don't make orchestral music, but I like to use elements from time to time. I also have some Performance Samples, Fluffy Audio, and assorted small, specialized libraries for specialized uses. More than I needed or should've purchased, given I do electronic music. It's another black...

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What is the single most expensive plug you've paid for?

Omnisphere Audio Imperia Nucleus (preorder) Komplete (my only regret) Diva+Repro Kontakt

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Help Choosing Symphonic Program

...they’re hard to use. Consider a “sketch” library for a starter rather than going full orchestra - Audio Imperia Nucleus (on sale now, also works in free Kontakt Player) and Orchestral Tools Berlin Inspire are often considered the best on the full orchestra introductory libraries. Get your feet under you, learn the tools, and...

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