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Audient iD44
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iD44 brings the performance of an Audient console to your desktop, featuring four Audient mic pres, class-leading conversion, ADAT expandability and more. Get better recordings, make better mix decisions and experience incredible sound quality from the start.


Audient Announces New Audio Interface: iD44

I just hooked up my iD44 and have an issue with analog outputs 3/4. I have a second set of monitors hooked up. In the mixer, I have 3/4 routed to the “alt” button. However, they still play when “alt” is not engaged. I have no idea what to do. Any thoughts? Edit: just realized...

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Apollo Twin Duo USB vs Audient iD44

...this post for any future researchers who are trying to decide between the apollo twin duo usb and the audient id44. Whether you are trying to decide between the two as your first purchase or decide whether moving from the twin to the id44 is worth it. I did a bunch of research after...

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Audient iID44 (UBS) latency?

I'm shopping around for my first interface (new to recording) and am strongly considering the Audient iD44. It checks a lot of boxes for me based on what I've read. However, I've seen mixed things about latency. For those who have this, how is the latency? I don't care about getting it as low...

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