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Audeze LCD-4
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The LCD-4 represents 40 years of advancements in planar magnetic technology and our own research and development from 2009 onward when we debuted our first product. Our new flagship headphone features game-changing technology, like its first-of-the-kind nano-scale diaphragm with Double Fluxor Magnet Arrays that nearly double the driving power.


Desperately need a linear headphone, price no object, everything I tried is garbage point of view based on 20 years of experience.Many headphones like the HE-6 the Abyss the HE-1000 and the LCD-4 can sound too bright or thin if not properly amped.These are VERY power hungry headphones that require a LOT of power to be properly driven.It was quite astonishing to hear the hifiman he-6...

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What are your favorite headphones in the mastering room. in manhattan trying HD600s, 650s, 800s and every headphone Audeze makes. I liked the 600s, Audeze LCD-X and LCD-4 and LCD-i4 the best. Didn't jive with the 650s as much and I didn't relate to the bass of the 800s immediately (tried everything with and without sonarworks). Audeze has an...

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Best mixing headphones!

...else? Clears, using Oratory's EQ and powered by a Violectric V281. I own, or have owned HD600, HD800, LCD-2, LCD-X, LCD-4, Abyss AB-1266 plus some others I've forgotten. I went a bit mental with headphones a few years ago :¬) ^ Spot on.

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