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ARP Synthesizers Solina
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Polyphonic, multitimbral synthesizer with voices violin, viola, trumpet, horn, cello, contrabass. Manufactured by Eminent BV in 1974 until 1981. The oscillators are tied in a sub-octave divider network. Two LFOs provide movement. The VCA is controlled by an AR envelope. There's a chorus effect available. The synth has 49 keys. Additionally it offers a gate output to control other synthesizers.


Behringer VP 330 Vocoder clone

Truth. I may actually wait awhile on this one in hopes that a solina comes to light. I know they got one and were looking at it internally in detail. Makes me think there’s a decent chance it happens.

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Behringer VP 330 Vocoder clone

In the '80's, combining a Solina stringer with a Small Stone phaser was the way to go. That's our take on it - please ignore the date and price as we haven't decided if and when we will build this recreation. I would appreciate some feedback from you. Uli

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New Modular Gear Purchase Thread

Wait, what is this thing? That module and the whole shebang you're into? Is that an accurate Solina clone? Do tell.

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