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APS Audio Aeon
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The APS Aeon is the first APS product designed from scratch with the use of our broad experience in designing studio monitors. Aeon has been designed for experienced users who, apart from their own experience, use the best sound processing equipment in their work.

Its balanced, dynamic and full of detail sound, high quality of workmanship and attractive look in versions with special finish form a unique value, which quite rare at present in the pro-audio industry.

Thanks to the above mentioned qualities and the possibilities of precise regulation of the processing characteristics, Aeon is excellent for "home studio" applications.

Aeon is designed for stereo or multi-channel systems (5 +1 or 7+1 and larger) such as DOLBY, DTS, THX, etc.


Studio monitors for electronic music under $4000

...what on whatever speaker is not an argument against or for any speaker. Are you affiliated with the sale of the Aeon monitors?

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my first measurements

...front of the room, and 196cm in back of the room) everything is sat to flat to measure, im using aps aeon monitors. so far my acoustic treatment consist of 40cm caruso 045 stacked in front corners. Monitors are as close to front wall, ( witch has window in it not perfectly centered) There is huge dip...

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