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Rosetta 800

Apogee Electronics Rosetta 800
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Evaluating AD/DA loops by means of Audio Diffmaker

...(L) 1.513 dB (R) Corr Depth: 43,4 dB (L), 45,6 dB (R) Difference*: -51.1 dBFS (L), -50.1 dBFS (R) Apogee Rosetta 800 (davidbayle) 0.2 dB (L), 0.2 dB (R) Corr Depth: 39,7 dB (L), 41,7 dB (R) Difference*: -50.0 dBFS (L), -50.9 dBFS (R) Apogee Rosetta 200 (Winston Tones) -0.1 dB (L), -0.0 dB (R) Corr...

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What is the sluttiest thing you have bought in the year 2018 ?

...regret it lol. 1) Nucleus Z workstation desk 2) Burl B2 DAC 3) 500 Series: Tonelux EQ, Kush Electra 4) Had BLA mod a Rosetta 800 5) BLA Microclock mkiii 6) Warm EQP 7) I sold off a Virus TI Snow a couple months ago, missed the sound and bought TI2 Desktop. So knnoobbbyyy :) :) :) 8) Stam Audio SSL4000+ and...

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How big of a difference does a Mic-Pre make?

...the cheaper stuff. Case in point for me was back in the day running a Digi 002 and a Apogee Rosetta 800. I was used to the digi word clock and when I switched to external clocking. I was expecting a HUGE difference, but it was subtle to my ear at first. It wasnt...

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