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Ensemble Thunderbolt

Apogee Electronics Ensemble Thunderbolt
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This item features the Waves Gold Plugin Package, bundled with purchase! The all new Apogee Ensemble is the first Thunderbolt 2 audio interface to offer superior sound quality, the lowest latency performance and the most comprehensive studio functionality all in one box. Ensemble includes 8 Advanced Stepped Gain™ mic preamps, monitor controller functionality including talkback, front panel Guitar I/O, two headphone outputs and digital connectivity for a total of 30 x 34 I/O. Blending acclaimed innovations, groundbreaking new features and an effortless user interface, Ensemble empowers you to capture inspiration when creative lightning strikes. Launched in 2007, the first Ensemble re-defined the possibilities of the personal studio interface, setting new standards of quality, simplicity and value. Winning that year’s TEC Award for Digital Audio Technology, Ensemble went on to become the preferred interface for thousands of hit-making producers, engineers and artists. Now, with 30 years of digital audio expertise and the latest technological innovations, Apogee has re-built Ensemble to introduce the next generation of music creation technology. Highlights 8 MiC preamps with up to 75 dB of gain and Advanced Stepped Gain circuit Thunderbolt connectivity for ultra-low latency (1.1ms round trip) Front panel Guitar I/O with Class A JFET inputs, dual mode re-amp outputs Talkback functionality with built-in mic and control button 2 PurePower headphone outputs 10 separately assignable analog inputs 16 analog outputs of premium Apogee conversion WAVES GOLD PLUG-IN BUNDLE AudioTrack C1 Compressor C4 Multiband Compressor DeEsser Doppler Doubler Enigma GTR3 Amps GTR3 Stomps GTR3 ToolRack GTR3 Tuner H-Comp Hybrid Compressor H-Delay Hybrid Delay IR-L Convolution Reverb L1 Ultramaximizer MaxxBass MetaFlanger MondoMod MV2 PAZ Analyzer PS22 Stereo Maker Q10 Equalizer Renaissance Axx Renaissance Compressor Renaissance Equalizer Renaissance Reverb S1 Stereo Imager SuperTap TrueVerb UltraPitch V-Comp V-EQ3 V-EQ4 Vitamin Sonic Enhancer Waves Tune LT *Waves software plug-ins are not compatible with iOS devices. Waves software download through Waves website after product registration.


Evaluating AD/DA loops by means of Audio Diffmaker

...(L), 5,4 dB (R) Corr Depth: 25,3 dB (L), 26,9 dB (R) Difference: -44.9 dB (L), 46.0 dB (R) Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt (kmr) 0,2 dB (L), 0,3 dB (R)..Corr Depth: 25,2 dB (L), 26,8 dB (R) Difference: -44,9 dBFS (L), -46,0 dBFS (R) Focusrite Saffire PRO 40 (MusicManic) -0.566 dB (L), 0.293 dB (R) Corr...

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Warm Audio WA-73 + WA-273EQ !! so this test was mainly for myself but I'm sure you guys would like to hear it. Signal chain is Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt to Redeye 3D reamp box to TS808 to Peavey 6505 to Mesa Rectifier cab to SM57 to mic pre. WA73, GTQ2 and NV73 to Ensemble analog in. ISA828 and A2D using their own...

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RME introduces the HDSPe AIO Pro PCI Express interface card able to just run PT standard at 64 buffer throughout tracking process with no hiccups. i also have an Ensemble Thunderbolt w Black Lion mod on the way as well. i know RME is the king as far as low latency stability drivers are concerned, but it’s compelling to have a more streamlined rig...

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