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Orion Studio 2017

Antelope Orion Studio 2017
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Thanks to our love for both analog detail and digital perfection you can now access not only legendary guitar amps and cabs, but a plethora of classic studio gear. Through a unique sampling technique for vintage gear modeling we have provided Orion Studio with the finest selection of hardware-quality audio effects, among which legendary EQ and compressor hardware plus our very own and extremely versatile AuraVerb reverb.

Since its release in 2015 Orion Studio has become one of the biggest stars in the Antelope Audio line of ThunderboltTM & USB audio interfaces. And now we made it even better. With 12 Class-A Mic Pres make it’s one and only piece of gear you’ll need to record a full band and do it like a pro. For 2017 Orion Studio got brand new AD converters, raising its dynamic range to an industry best 124 dB and features superior low latency performance. Now coming in a gorgeous carbon grey faceplate, Orion Studio has a ton of new features inside its powerful Control panel and FPGA engine.

Just like Zen Tour and Goliath, Orion Studio features the full array of real-time FPGA powered vintage FX. This best-selling interface also includes Antelope’s traditionally stunning AD/DA conversion, powered by our very own, world-renowned 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) technology for jitter management.


Antelope Announces Orion Studio Rev. 2017

Antelope Audio Releases Powerful Refresh to Orion Studio Interface Orion Studio 2017 Takes Users to the Outer Reaches of Fidelity, Delivering Up to 124 Decibels of Dynamic Range Antelope Audio, a leading interface company with advanced software control and real time FX technology, announced a refresh of its popular Orion Studio that takes its best in...

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Antelope Audio announces DISCRETE 8 interface and accompanying modelling mics

...are thinking of buying a Discrete 8 and upgrading, you would be better off getting a Zen Studio+ or an Orion Studio 2017, which will cost you considerably less, but get you (apparently) better converters, more connectivity, 4 more preamps etc. So how can anyone make a logical argument for the Discrete 'premium effects upgrades'...

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Vanguard V13 Tube LDC - Opinions From Owners

...the most strident, scratchy, or reedy sources, that combo may be just the ticket. Best preamp for me is my Orion Studio 2017, which is very clean. Really lets the mic's character shine through - nothing else needed.

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