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Isochrone 10M

Antelope Isochrone 10M
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Isochrone 10M is a 10MHz Rubidium atomic reference generator that provides exceptional sound quality through a 100 000 times more accurate clocking reference that typical crystal oscillators.


The 10MX clock has changed my studio

...minimum jitter, frequency accuracy and long term stability are of secondary importance (and easily kept within reasonable limits) Plus using a 10MHz reference is really not a good way to achieve low jitter, again read Bruno Putzey's paper as to why, or simply ask yourself how you get from 10MHz to 44.1kHz smoothly when they...

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Sound Devices Announces MixPre-10M "For Musicians"

I think it looks pretty cool. No timecode on the MixPre 10M, but the 10T with the musicians plugin will be a very powerful piece of kit! -Mike

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Grimm CC2 - fantastic !

This is great! It provides the original file (Scissors Mix) so that in the comfort of your own studio, you can process it yourself to hear the differences. Of course, you will be listening through whatever DAC and speakers you have available, so once again it is not "absolute", but still a great test! Thanks Antagon1st For...

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