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Alesis Air Synth
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Don't laugh: I want this. Does it exist?

Alesis airSynth | Vintage Synth Explorer

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Merry Christmas Sluts!

...Bosco (or Horlicks) crank up the VHS and grandpa would make us watch this four times in a row doing air-synth and scat-singing the whole thing. I still get choked up - the majesty and the grandeur... Now we can all share in the magic! Happy Holidays Synth Nerds!! proftea

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Why did ALESIS named the ion(ion)?

Alesis did use a lot of scientific terms: physics and chemistry: Alesis Photon Alesis Fusion Alesis Ion measurement: Alesis Micron Alesis Nano series Alesis Micro series Alesis Pico series astronomy: Alesis Andromeda Alesis Vortex And they invented ADAT: Alesis Digital Audio Tape. I had a blast with the AirSynth and AirFX (d-beam on steroids), and the X-Guitar with its built-in FX was my only guitar for awhile. :guitarjam:

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