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3632 Compressor

Alesis 3632 Compressor
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Stereo Compressor/Expander/Limiter/Gate with intelligent Knee for soft- and hardknee curves, intelligent ratio looks at the incoming signal, intelligent gain - automatic output level, linkmode for stereo, sidechain send and return, low cut, gain reduction LEDs, switchable input/output LED, bypass for both channels. 19" Unit.


THE official "French House" technique thread!!!

..anyone compare 3630 vs 3632? @cuebism: nice crunchy 12-bit sound!

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The ultimate Goa Trance technique thread! later Alessis Monitor two I can't remember that we ever used compressors only gates but we had a alessis 3632 and dbx 160A. Distortion was done overloading the desk input. The synths we usually used: Drums Kick was usually from S1000 Loops, TV samples and Fx samples from S1000 Snares/claps from S1000, 909,808,Linn. Hihats S1000 and 909 Bass Mini moog Midi moog Yamaha TX 81Z SCI...

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Problem with Focusrite clarett 2Pre + Alesis 3632

...inputs and 4 outputs. Outputs 1 and 2 are reserved for the monitors, 3 and 4 are going into the Alesis 3632 iputs 1 and 2, and same outputs on the Alesis are going into the Clarett's inputs 1 and 2. I/O Logic's plugin settings: Output: 3-4 Input: 1-2 What could be wrong? The Clarett, the Alesis?...

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