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Alesis 3630 COMPRESSOR
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Since its introduction, the 3630 Compressor™ has become the most popular dynamics processor ever made. The reason is easy to understand: it provides two independent full-featured compressor/ limiters in one rack space while offering excellent sonic quality for any application from studio recording to live sound or broadcast. The 3630 offers Ratio, Threshold, Attack and Decay controls to customize its compression response for even the toughest signals. You can also choose between RMS and Peak compression styles, plus Hard and Soft Knee dynamic curves for every application from subtle gain control to in-your-face punch. As an independent dual-channel compressor, the 3630 offers separate controls for two different source signals. Plus, two fully independent gates with threshold and rate controls allow you to easily and efficiently stifle unwanted ambient noise. Other advanced dynamics processing features such as precise signal metering, a sidechain for keying or ducking effects and stereo linkable operation make the 3630 the most powerful compressor in its class.


THE official "French House" technique thread!!!

Sorry if you've already answered this Ged, I've probably got the wrong end of the stick, but.. For the technique of the master compressor pumping the track to work, does the kick & snare have to be the loudest elements in the mix by some distance? Otherwise would you not just be getting gain reduction...

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How to get that special mixing sound -Alan Braxe

...Circuit Drumtrack. Synths: Pad/organ & Lead Moog opus III Bass: Played By Fred Falke Mixer: Mackie 1202 (the Vintage Version) Master Compressor: Alesis 3630. Synths & Bass recorded and edited on multitrack recorder SP808 or DM800 ( can't remember) both have same converter as Roland S760 which sounds great. The whole mix recorded on DAT recorder and...

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Choosing a Compressor

But it makes sense I wouldn’t be surprised if you worked for the company that makes rnc. I know If I was a company I would be making a ton of spam accounts and just drilling these forums

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