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K44 Perception

AKG K44 Perception
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The K44 Perception over-ear, closed headphones provide excellent sound with a powerful low end and clean highs. They offer pure listening experience for different applications, like project studios and home recording.
The K44 Perception headphones include comfortable leatherette ear pads and a self-adjusting headband that allow extended wear without discomfort. They come with a 2.5m (8ft), fixed, straight cable including convertible jack plug.


Low End Monitor Shootout, PLEASEEE give me your opinions.

...most accurate/flat. Let it be known I'm upgrading from NO monitors, just some wal-mart altec speakers a 4in sub and some AKG K44's. M-Audio BX5A's KRK RP6 G2's KRK RP5's with a Sub.

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Making a small/budget efficient value studio, need gear reccomendation.

...stuck on spending so much for headphones? I find that for tracking and basic preliminary mixing, the low cost AKG K-44's give me a nice un-colored response. Your most important mixing is done on the monitors. From your list of microphones I like the 2035 best but you might consider the iSK Starlight....

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Kurzweil SP low volume

...extremely low for all voices even with the volume slider cranked full. I can only just hear it through my AKG K44's and Vic Firth SIH1's (both of which perform at normal volume on other devices). The voices sound normal, just barely audible. There has been no physical damage and the unit has been stored...

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