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AKG K270
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The patented Parabolic Transducer Array in the K 270 S has two optimized transducers in each earcup, both precisely configured in a tuned enclosure to focus sound waves at the entrance to the ear. The result is a dramatically increased perception of spaciousness, extremely accurate response, and no audible distortion at output levels far beyond the capability of single transducer headphones.


Acoustics: what is flat bass?

...have a "luxury" of having them ~1m away from all the surfaces. In the small room I always thought my AKG K270 headphones lack bass, a lot actually. I've lived with that and made some mixes well, because I was used to that place. But then in the new room the LF was a bit...

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Adam P22A presence/detail makes me do dull/dark mixes. what to replace em with?

...about the freq. tilt is to get headphones and learn them well. I learned to check my mixes on akg k270 and sometimes the shock of the different sound without room to affect it helps me to steer things the right way. I mean those moments when you start to mix something in very...

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Mellotron M4000D vs Mtron Pro

...rack but at normal usage levels it's not really noticeable to me. The headphone output seems very quiet using AKG K270 (75 ohm) headphones, noise not really noticable until the 2 o'clock position and not really bad when maxed. Also, I typically set the M4000D's main volume and tone controls to about the 1...

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