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K240 Monitor

AKG K240 Monitor
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The K240 Monitor are classic hi-fi stereo headphones and one of the best-selling models from AKG, famous for their natural, pristine sound. The major benefits of these semi-open headphones with dynamic full-range speakers include a punchy bass range, clear highs, and excellent comfort.


Don't like working with monitors. Am I different?

...headphones. Maybe it's easier for me to separate channels, hear the compression going on, etc. By the way, are these AKG K240 Monitor model or K240 MK-2?

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New AKG K240s worth buying

...and the AKG K240 MKii (which are twice the price). I don't know how they compare. In 1990, I bought AKG K240 Monitor headphones. I still use them to this day as my home studio headphones. They have outlived a dozen other pairs that I've owned for other purposes over the years and they still...

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Roland JV-1080 vst plugin

...outs into an RME Fireface UFX, while listening from the RME's headphone jacks from two different pairs of headphones (vintage AKG K240M 600 ohm, and Sony MDR-7506). In other words, for the Integra signal, I'm hearing it after the 1) A-D conversion 2) processing in the RME and 3) D-A conversion to the headphone...

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