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AKG K141
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Headphones AKG K141 vs Grado SR80

I have actually the AKG K141. I would like to upgrade. Have read good things about the Grado headphones. Do you think that SR80 is an improvement, o do you think should need SR325i to get a step up? I want them to play and record. I´m looking foward can discern better...

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September 2020 New Gear Thread

...didn't bother adding an unbalancing / balancing I/O board). I tried it with headphones (TR-09 -> K8084 -> ZED10 and AKG K141 MK2 for listening - by the way my pair of K141 are not in good shape nowadays) and it sounded ok... Once I'll integrate it into my setup (not soon... my soundcard is currently...

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Headphones for classical editing/location recording

...for either 6xx or 58x. I own the 58X and am very happy. A true step up from the AKG K141 which I own. The AKG is not bad and I have this plugged into my pc, but when I listened to a short recording of me playing the piano, with the 58x...

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