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AKG D 19
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The D19 was a cardioid dynamic microphone manufactured by AKG in the 1960s. It is famous today for its use at Abbey Road studios during numerous Beatles recording sessions, most notably as a drum overhead mic for Ringo Starr.

Multiple variations of the microphone were manufactured by AKG. At least two grille designs were used. Output connectors varied as well. Further, the D19 was branded by multiple distributors, most notably Telefunken.

The published frequency-response graph shows a nominally flat response from 70Hz–1500Hz, with a broad presence peak of +4dB from 3kHz–10kHz.

The mic’s Cardioid pickup pattern is relatively consistent below 1kHZ, with a -10dB drop in sensitivity at 90° below 250Hz. It is worth noting that although most microphones tend towards omnidirectionality at low frequencies, the D19 instead becomes more directional.

Rear rejection is strong at all frequencies.


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Doing (mostly) acoustic based, singer/songwriter stuff. This is what I've pared it down to: Shure SM7b Shure SM57 Shure SM81 pair Kel HM7U Cascade Fathead w/Cinemag transformer AKG D19

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5LzGFRx1Zmk Btw, a garage and dynamic mic can work, acoustic guitar, AKG D19 the one over Ringo's kit.

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