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C451 EB

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Akg c451 eb

I just bought a old AKG C451 EB with PSU for $200. I need a mic like this and thought it was a good deal.heppy Now, tell me is it a good deal?confoosed And what to use this mic on? Acustic guitar maybe. howdy

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What's in YOUR mic locker???

2x AKG C430 2x AKG C422 AKG C451 EB 2x AKG D112 6x AKG D40 2 x Aston Stealth 2x Audio-Technica AE2500, Dual-Element Microphone Audio Technica PRO-4L Electro Voice PL60-ND Electro Voice N/D767A Electro Voice RE20 Heil Sound PR40 2x Line Audio CM3 2x Neumann TLM-103 Rode NT2a 2x Rode K2 sE Electronics V7, 2x sE Electronics RNR-1 4x sE Electronics RN-17 (2 matched pair) 2x sE Electronics RT-1 2x sE Electronics Voodoo VR-1 2x...

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Piano recording. What would you choose?

...C12 VR (Tube) AKG C414 E (x2) AKG C414 EB (x4) AKG C414 B-TLII (x2) AKG C451 E (x4) AKG C451 EB (x2) AKG C 28 (Tube) AKG D 112 (x2) AKG D 20 AKG CK2 Capsule AKG CK5 Capsule AKG CK9 Capsule AKG A51 Capsule AKG D244 E (x2) ...

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