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Akai Professional S950
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The S950 is an upgraded S900 increasing the sampling rate to 48kHz and the internal RAM capacity to 2.25MB (unlike the S900 its stock 750KB RAM was upgradable), and adding such functions as cross-fade looping, and pre-trigger recording. It offers 12 bit sampling and 8 voice polyphony. Compared to the S900 the disk drive now takes both HD and DD disks. The S950 also adds a time-stretch function, an optional trigger-to-MIDI interface the ME35T, and a 13-pin Voice output plug (the same that is on the S612) for external processing of it's voices. The frontpanel and controls are identical to the S900.


eSPi 1200 by Low Hiss

...a true real-time kernel (Xenomai for those who know). I'm currently working on the midi implementation which is nice, controlling an S950 with our clone is a lot of fun. If you have questions ask away. Thanks for your patience, it'll be worth it

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Best Akai Rack for Drums S1000 vs S900 vs S950

I am back to music after 15 years, I got the S3000XL which was poor for kicks, it robbed all the low end. Was great for hi hats since it enhanced those. I have bought an S-950 for 600e and a S1000 for 350e with new PSU and screen this last. I might use it for low freq...

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s950 or ...?

S950 is probably the best bet if you want hardware. It is pretty straightforward to use and relatively affordable.

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